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Unique Lifestyle Renovations

Renos4Seniors Unique Lifestyle Renovations focuses on accommodating aging independently and safely in your home.  Our customer’s satisfaction is our reputation.

Bathroom Remodeling: We prefer to start the consultation process by listening prior to providing options and suggestions that incorporate functionality, style, and safety that you can be proud of within a budget. Our approach to bathroom remodeling is to understand our customer’s priorities, lifestyle, room functionality and physical layout. Identifying challenges with the current washroom fixtures and space is useful in designing a bathroom for you and your family that will update the style and safety of the room. Satisfying our customer’s lifestyle and future lifestyle requirements is our #1 priority.

Kitchen Remodeling: Our kitchens are designed with you and your family’s daily lifestyle requirements as a starting point. Remodeling of the kitchen significantly improves the room appearance, style, and functionality. Should any safety elements and fixtures be required in the kitchen space to increase independence for yourself or the independence of family members, the Renos4Seniors staff is trained to consult and design these features into a beautiful kitchen you can live and entertain in. A living space that is functional and provides independent living, a space you and the Renos4Seniors team will be proud of.

Railings & Fixtures: Renos4Seniors is committed to providing independent living for Canadians who want to live safely at home. Living safely at home is becoming more important as Canadians live longer in their homes. What many of our customers are finding out after meeting with our staff is that safety in your home does not need to look anything like what you might see in a retirement home or hospital. Railings and fixtures are now available that are very stylish and functional. Railings and fixtures that are decorative and blend into Bathrooms, Kitchens, hallways, and staircases. If you or any of your loved ones would like to discuss options for a renovation project, we would love to share our knowledge and experience with you. Our goal is to reduce any risks of falling in the home.  Renos4Seniors is committed to helping Seniors and families by sharing knowledge, modifying living spaces and remodeling Canadian homes.

Renos4Seniors approaches all renovations with our customers’ requirements as their lifestyles change over time.  We then plan for these changes and build in the appropriate provisions to accommodate in the future.

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